Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Unloading a Crated New Scooter

If you have a new scooter truck delivered to your home you still have the chore of unloading it, since the driver doesn't have to do that for you. This is not a tough job if you've got a couple guys, or one other guy to help you tilt and slide the scooter down off the tailgate, but it does take some effort. Pay attention to your footing.
Everything done at an angle, never lifting the full weight of the crate makes it easier and safer for you. All you do is guide and restrain, to allow the crate to settle to the ground slowly. The scooter is well packaged in a banded crate so that helps much.
Once you have the crated scooter on the ground you can move it by hand truck or other means.
Some people slide a common kitchen broom head under one end of the crate and pull the handle, making it slide. That's an old trick used a lot to load airplanes.
Otherwise, if you have no help to unload, you may elect to pay for a lift-gate truck delivery. Sure, it is expensive to pay for but far better than a medical bill for straining your back if you try to unload alone.

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