Saturday, April 19, 2008

Motor Scooter 50 to 80cc Engine Upgrade Kit

Many people start out buying a 50cc Motor Scooter and are disappointed about the slow top speed, because depending on driver weight and the gross scooter weight those machines will only run at 30 to 35 miles per hour. For some state laws classifying these 50cc scooters as a "Moped," that performance is all that is legally allowed.

But what about the heavy person who needs to climb hills? Or the normal weight person who wants to climb hills too? A little more engine power is necessary to do it.

The least expensive method to get a little more power is to upgrade the Chinese GY6 50cc engine to 80cc. If you are mechanically able, and have a weekend free to do it, you can upgrade your engine to 80cc with the "ECOBIKEUSA 50 to 80cc Engine Upgrade Kit" No really exotic special hand tools are necessary.

Details on this kit can be found on Click on the 80 cc upgrade kit page.

A 15 page instruction is available to explain how to accomplish the engine upgrade.
I do not recommend upgrading a cheaper 50cc scooter that does not have a front disc brake. Those front band braked scooters don't have enough braking power to stop quickly enough with an upgraded more powerful engine!

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